Tips to take rejection gracefully

Earlier I took rejection as a negative word.But after working on myself I take it positively.Here I am sharing some of the tips which I personally think about rejection and you can also apply into your life.

Here are some tips

  • Rejection gives reason to motivate yourself in accomplishing your goals.
  • Rejection is enjoying pain in adversity.
  • During rejection don’t react but to respond mindfully.
  • Rejection can be in any field (relationship,socially,mentally,physically)
  • Rejection is an antidote for your success.
  • 99% rejection =1% success
  • Take rejection as your mentor.
  • Take rejection gracefully.
  • Rejection helps you in building long term relationships.

Sharing a story of great and renowned businessman,how he has taken the rejection gracefully and achieved success in his life.

Ratan Tata

He took over Tata Motors in 1990,when that company was only known as a manufacturer of trucks and buses. Under his leadership Tata Motors in 1998 launched India’s 1st indigenously designed car,Indica.Initially the response was lukewarm.In 1999 people advised him to sell his manufacturing line.Ford company expressed interest in purchasing it.Ratan Tata flew to Detroit with his board.In the meeting Bill Ford humiliated him.He said you know nothing about the passenger car industry.Why did you get into this line?We are doing favor by purchasing it. Ratan Tata was quiet.That evening he took his board back to New York and then to India.He applied himself into the passenger car industry by 2008.Tata Motors manufacturing some of the best selling brands in the world.

On the other hand Ford had got into serious trouble and was facing bankruptcy.At that time Ratan Tata offered to buy their two worst-selling motor cars,Land Rover and Jaguar.

Now Bill Ford flew to Mumbai with his board.In the meeting he said to Ratan Tata.You are doing us a great favour by purchasing these two.

Ratan Tata could have humiliated him back but he behaved graciously.

In 9 years the clock had turned a full circle and Tata Motors had humbled the great Ford empire.

That’s why it is said the best form of revenge is success.

Similarly if a person takes rejection as a challenge then no one will stop him to grab the success.

Thank you for reading



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