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Heart is pumping

Mind is thinking

Go into the deep sleep

Sleep,sleep and deep into the sleep.

Sleep at that peak of level

Just remember the dream

Nothing else in life.

Wake up from the sleep

Just trying to recall

But I couldn’t.

Different patterns of different shades

Sometimes trying to connect with people

Sometimes trying to connect with my emotions.

Wandering why it comes

Why does it go?

People who are close to your heart and mind

Says something to you

Why are you not able to understand?

From birth till today

You meet with many people

Some remain into your eyes

Some remain into your mind

Some remain into your heart

But they all have created some memories.

Memories are not like wind

Come and go!

They are to live forever in your heart and mind.

9th June 2022

Happy Reading!
Happy Writing!



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Swapnalika Singh

Swapnalika Singh

Happy mom of 2 believes in learning,applying and sharing to the readers and writers..🙏