Lifelong Learner’s do writing.Here”s why.

Swapnalika Singh
3 min readMay 12, 2022


Increase retention,develops understanding and helps me in knowing myself more clearly.

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Tea on one side, phone on other side and laptop in front of me,excites me to write.

I write on the topics which I have already decided.

For writing one has to create an environment.Ideas come and go.I do writing simultaneously on one or two topics at a time.

If you think about writing first, collect the points,words,and phrases.

  • The more you write,the more you improve your system of making the most you want to learn.
  • We can’t control what we can’t visualise.
  • I keep the records of my thoughts and feelings in my heart and mind.
  • Then I keep writing them in a notebook.
  • Lifelong learners seek an opportunity everywhere.

I am not a lifelong learner but I want to be.So my mind searching different ways to be a learner and make my life more productive.

These are various ways of writing which helps in making ones a lifelong learner.

Writing helps to externalise your ideas

Writing helps you in understanding yourself more clearly.Once you get clarity, daily you will work in that direction.

Abstract ideas are present in your brain.Abstract ideas are those which you cannot touch but you feel them.Such as happiness,knowledge,education,freedom,self expression,peace of mind.

Writing helps those abstract ideas become concrete.

For me, daily writing about my day to day life is the record of my thinking process.Ideas are in my brain and to make them more clear and visible I used to write them in my notebook.

Writing helps to organise your thoughts and ideas

If you want your thoughts and ideas to be more organised, you have to start writing.Writing makes different sections into your brain and you can easily categorise your thoughts.

You can create a pyramid of your thoughts through writing.

Writing is a therapy which makes me less alone from inside:

It’s very much true writing is a therapy.

Writing helps you a lot in controlling your emotions.I was fighting with my emotions when my mom died due to cancer then I started doing writing.This helps me in calming down my brain.After writing I really feel good.

Writing helps in making you less alone from inside.

At some point of day everyone’s emotions get distracted so to make your mind cool and composed we all should start writing.Just write whatever comes into your mind.

Writing helps in making you more focussed

Yes,it’s true.When you are writing your focus is at the extreme level.As we all know that daily 60,000 thoughts come into your brain,if you will pick one of them and write something on it,your focus is at maximum level.Automatically ideas generate on that topic from your knowledge and your surroundings.

Writing helps in increasing retention,develops understanding and makes progress in process.

You are a lifelong learner,if you write.

I write because I love to write.It helps me to release my thoughts and feelings.It helps me to make me prepare for writing a book.It’s a flow of state for me.Again,here are some reasons to write:

  • You externalise your thoughts.
  • You organise your thoughts and ideas.
  • Makes you less alone from inside.
  • Makes you more focussed.

Undoubtedly,writing helps us to make a lifelong learner.But for me each and every person somehow connected with me is very special for me and they leave a solid impression on my mind and heart.I believe that every person is unique and to make myself a learner I learn something from each one of them.

Thank you for giving me time to read.



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