How writing makes you less alone from inside?

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Yes,it’s very much true that writing makes you less alone from inside.Although,we all are alone from inside and daily 70,000 thoughts arising into our brain,but one who does writing gets aware about their thoughts and they make their writing a partner to their thoughts.We can say they become more consciously aware in their daily work.

In my case it takes around 3 years to make myself consciously aware at some level of point.

Daily putting pen on paper takes me closer to myself from inside.

Earlier also I shared my morning routine with my readers.My first thing in the morning is grabbing pen,diary and lamp.I set an alarm for 4a.m. as it beeps without coming out from my bed,without washing my face,without thinking anything i simply grab my pen,dairy and lamp.

I write,I write and I write.

I don’t think about grammar,sentences,idioms or phrases,I simply write.

Writing takes me into my inner world.

Writing gives power to my thoughts.

Writing becomes my partner of my thoughts.

I write in the morning until my hand and pen stop writing.

“Fill your papers with the breathings of your heart”.-William Wordsworth

One way to make you less alone from inside is writing and writing gets more clarity if you will understand your elephant and the rider

Elephant and the Rider.

Many of us know about Elephants and the Rider.

The rider represents the rational thinker,the analytical planner,the evidence-based decision maker.Rider is our conscious mind.

Whereas the elephant on the other hand,is an emotional player,full of energy,sympathy and loyalty,who stays put,backs away based on feelings and instincts.The elephant is often an automatic pilot.

Elephants are our subconscious mind.Its very huge and roams here and there.One has to take the control of your elephant.

One way to control your elephant is writing.

I don’t know when writing becomes my friend,

I don’t know when me and writing come closer to each other

I don’t know when me and writing come to know each other

I don’t know when writing gives happiness to me

Every morning I sit and write for myself.Writing helps me think,formulate ideas and understand the world.



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Swapnalika Singh

Swapnalika Singh

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