How to use 7th habit in making your writing more effective

Sharpen the saw

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend first four sharpening the axe. Abraham Lincoln

I know I am not very good at writing but I am trying to be a better writer and daily I work on myself with a positive mindset. A day will come when I will be satisfied with my writing and make my readers happy.

Here I am sharing a short tip for other newbie writers who all are finding a way to make their writing better.

It’s been a long time since I used the same pattern in my writing.Now the time comes when I need to use the 7th habit from “7 habits of highly effective people-Stephen Covey”.

As we all are working in our respective works we all are successful in our own work.But there is something which is missing and you are continually trying to find it out.For that thing try to use “Sharpen the saw”.This habit helps you in improving your work more clear and more effective.

I have been writing since 2019.I used to write articles and poem.But after reading other writers’ work sometimes I think how nicely and effectively they write,their stats are also rising and they are earning a good amount of money.

But I am not,why is it so?

Then I decided that I have to make some strategies to improve my writing.

I have noticed that I just write from my heart.Whatever comes into my heart I just pen them down.I don’t do data collection,data analysis and R&D to my work.Then I decided to make my article more effective I have to add data and figures also into it.Keeping this in mind I decided to apply the following points during my writing.

  • Try to understand the title of your article:First and foremost thing for every writer is that they have to understand the title of their article. More clear their title to them more clearly and precisely they can write on it.Generally I contemplate the title of my article for 2 days.Early in the morning I just write whatever comes into my mind related to that article.I prefer to write in my diary or in a notebook.When I got enough matter related to that topic from my own experience,I jumped on reading part of other writers work.
  • Read a lot on that topic:Nowadays we have so many tools to gather the information and data, not a tough job.After writing down from my own experience I read other writers’ work related to my topic just read, not copy. After reading a lot you get a better idea to know a more clear picture of your title.Then I write them in my own words.
  • Understanding subheadings and body : Once you have a clear picture of your article,the next step is understanding of subheadings and body.After receiving a clear picture of them keep those matter and information under proper subheadings. It helps you in writing and your reader to go through your article without breaking the flow of reading.
  • Writing finished then crafting :Once your writing part is completed now the time of crafting your article.During crafting you can use relevant pictures and videos in your articles.You can also add relevant quotes by famous people.It holds the attention of your readers.
  • Publish :Yes now the time comes when every writer and author wants to publish their poem,articles or stories whatever they have written from their heart and mind.Publish your things with proper and relevant tagging.

In this way I sharpen my saw in the field of writing.If you think this article is helpful for you then you can also go ahead but first find out your passion then apply the sharpen the saw into that.

Happy reading!

Happy writing!



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