How to beat procrastination in 2022

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“Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.” Alyce Cornyn Selby

Generally,what happens in our mind there are two types of monkeys.One monkey will give an order just take an action right now but the other type of monkey will always tell you let’s do this work later on.So the second type of monkey helps in procrastinating the things.Once you will get the command on 2nd type of monkey then only you can easily beat procrastination.

Procrastination is just in your mind.We all know that body functioning depends on mind.So if you decide in your mind not to get procrastinated for your habits then your body can beat it.

We all are human beings and we all try to give our best in every kind of field either personal or professional.We all try to work on self development and prove ourselves and others to be more productive and work on it.

But generally what happens is we all try to think about being productive but the day never comes when we start working on that habit and that’s the delaying of habit or any kind of work is called Procrastination.

So how to overcome that procrastination.2021 is about to end,a new year very soon to began.So why not we can work on our habits,goals and visions to be more productive.

In this article I am giving some tips to beat procrastination for 2022.

First you have to become self aware where you need to work.

Sometimes to be productive make yourself consciously unproductive.Sit in silence with yourself and clutter out the extra thoughts from your mind and think about the things which are important for you but getting delayed day by day.

Focus on your each and every breath, go with your breath,relax your mind, relax your body.

Now think about the things which are productive for yourself but getting delayed somehow.

During this modern technology world we hardly give time to ourselves and know more about ourself.Thats why we are less aware of the things which are productive for us.Once you come to know where i need to work and what all the things get procrastinated you can win the second monkey.

Figure out why and overcome from the obstacles

Why do you delay?

As you have not just begun.

Once you come to know the habit which gets delayed to begin now you find out the obstacles which help in delaying the habit.Now observe your circadian rhythm and see all the obstacles.Once you find out the obstacles now you can try to overcome them and work for your habit.

Stop multitasking

Modern society helps you in making you a multitasking person.But i don’t think it gives you the 100% result.It makes your mind juggle from one thing to another.

So stop multitasking and focus your mind on one thing at one time.

During your daily routine if you are spending time with your family then just be with them,if you are at your workstation just be there,if you are in entertainment mode then just be there.So stop trying to be multitasking as of no use.

Want to write-At Least daily write don’t think about the quality and quantity of words.

Want to Read-At Least daily read don’t think about the number of pages just read.

Want to do Yoga- At Least daily do yoga don’t think about the tough asanas.

Whatever you love to do just begin with the first step.

Once your mind understands this habit and I have to do it then that habit comes into your routine and repetitive practice on that habit makes you a master of that habit one day.But begin from small.

“The only way to become excellent is to be endlessly fascinated by doing the same thing over and over. You have to fall in love with boredom.”

James Clear, Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

So to think about the result just take up some habits and make them apply into your daily routine and see the change in your life and personality.In the end of 2022 you will see the change in your life.

Thank you!

Happy Reading!

Happy Writing!




Happy mom of 2 believes in learning,applying and sharing to the readers and writers..🙏

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Swapnalika Singh

Swapnalika Singh

Happy mom of 2 believes in learning,applying and sharing to the readers and writers..🙏

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