How I make memories my strength

Swapnalika Singh
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Life brings tears,smiles and memories.The tears dry,the smiles fade but the memories lasts forever.

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Mom’s memory my strength

I believe that every person on this planet has memories.Some past memories are good some are bad.But many of us don’t want to live with the memories,they want to live in the present world.

I was also the same.Before 27th June 2019 I would never recall my memories.But this date and year hit me physically,mentally and socially.

On this date my best friend,my world,my life, my Mom whom I shared with each and everything died due to cancer.Her death taught me to create memories if you really love the people.

Memories are in our heart and mind.They are residing and whenever we want to recall we can do it.No one can stop you from creating the memories.We can create the memories of people,places and things.Memories are in our dreams and in our conscious mind.They take us to the next world.

I have sweet memories of my mom.Our relationship was the purest.She loved me without any expectations from me.She cared for me more than herself. She bears the pain by carrying me into her womb.

She took away our memories with herself.I will take my mom’s memory till the last breath of my life.Mom’s death gave me the reason to live a meaningful life.When my mom was alive i never understood her love,how much she loved me.After her death,I realized she loved me the most.

Her heart was in pain,when I was in pain,

Her heart was happy,when I was happy,

Her beautiful face with lots of wrinkles on her face,

Her beautiful eyes with lots of blurriness in her eyes,

Her way of calling my name again and again,

They all become my memories.

Sometimes it’s really tough to accept that she is not between us.But I created the memories.

Whenever my eyes are filled up with tears,

Whenever my heart calling my mom,

I take out the memories from my heart and mind,

This makes me happy and gives me more strength to live with my loved ones.

Respect your mom,love your mom,care for your mom you never know when your mom will say goodbye to this world..

Love to all Mom’s..

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