Anyone can become a writer

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I personally think anyone can become a writer.He or she has to share their knowledge,experiences,ideas to this world.With that being, you have to remember it is not an overnight process.

Every new writer has started his/her journey at some time and their consistent practice of writing and hard work makes them successful.

It’s just a matter of connecting you with your pen

and diary.

Here you are

  1. Everyone has their own story.


We all have a story.

Some stories are just like a roller coaster.

Some’s full of struggle and pain.

Some’s full of hard work.

Some people come up with their story to the people, some won’t come up in front of the world.

But one who won’t come in front of the world doesn’t mean that he is not a writer,he is also a writer as he pens down his experiences in the diary.

Very beautiful lines of Savi Sharma from “Everyone has a story”.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined to their hearts.”

Savi Sharma, Everyone Has A Story

Story is that bridge which connects you with others.

I came up with my story in the year of 2021 through Medium.There I wrote how I started my journey of writing.How writing helps me in connecting with my medium readers and writers friends.

After sharing my story how I got connected with so many people.

2)Consistent practice of writing-I know writing is an arduous journey. Consistent practice of writing makes this journey easy.Practice everyday of writing makes you a writer.If you are consistently doing writing then one day you will become a writer.

Daily journaling for at least 15–30 minutes makes you a writer.

Write whatever you love to do and love to share with others.

3)Don’t give up from writing, take a break-Writers can never stop themselves from writing,they just take the break.If you will get exhausted from writing then for some days you will stop doing writing and you can go for a vacation with your family,you can spend quality time with your friends and family,you can go for a drive,you can spend time in reading your favourite book or novel.It means you can do whatever you love to do during this break time.

After a break you can start your journey of writing with a fresh page and with lots of ideas.

“Sometimes when we take a break,we may find that solutions then present themselves.”-Catherine Pulsifer

4)Writers have to connect themselves more deeper-As I said everyone is a writer,but if you want to write about their field you have to go deeper into your field.

Want to write,become an observant.More you observe your field,more you will write.

Conclusion-Writers put a lot into their work,even if it seems like an easy task.

Many papers and lots of ink you will waste in the beginning but one day you will achieve success.

Come up with the ideas and share with the world.In Fact in the beginning you have to face many rejection,and your first draft will not be accepted by many people but don’t allow their rejection to stop you.

Go,go,and just go.

Write,write,write and make yourself a writer,no problem if you will not make yourself a writer in many people’s eyes but at least you become a writer in your eyes.



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Swapnalika Singh

Swapnalika Singh

Happy mom of 2 believes in learning,applying and sharing to the readers and writers..🙏