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Solitude makes me wonder

Solitude makes you thunder.

Solitude teaches me who I am

Solitude teaches you who you are.

Solitude helps me to connect with the nature

Solitude helps you to connect with the memories.

Solitude develops curiosity

Solitude develops anxiousness.

Solitude develops a deeper sense of empathy

Solitude develops a deeper sense of compassion.

Solitude shakes my mind

Solitude shakes your heart.

Solitude connects me to my family more closer day by day

Solitude connects you to your people closer day by day.

Solitude makes me emotionally strong

Solitude makes you mentally strong.

I am falling in love with my solitude.

You decide whether you love to fall or not with solitude.

11th May 2022

Happy Reading!

Happy Writing!

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Sitting silently at the edge of sea

Sea waves come towards me,

Whisper in my ears,

Come along with me,

Will show you the beauty of the other World.

Replied, Please Stop!

Not to take me

My loved one here

Cannot live without each other

We are the pearls of the same rope.

Eyes become the ocean of tears

Heart is connected with my loved ones.

Sea is trying to make me happy

Just by dancing with waves

Ups and downs in the waves

Brings joy on my face.

Giggling sound of both of us

Makes us friends

Sometimes the sea says something to me

Sometimes I say something to you…

11th April 2012

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The road to Aravali Hills

Pale tint of orange sun descends

Birds crossing Sun

Azure sky. filled up with this beauty

My eye captured this view.

Today my eyes capture this beauty

Keeping it’s memory into my heart and mind

Tomorrow I will capture this view from another place

Making new memories into my heart and mind.

Place will not change the view

Similarly my memories will not be changed

As my memories are today from here

They will remain the same tomorrow from there

Memories will be created day by day

Cherish your memories everyday.

6th April 2022

Happy Reading!

Swapnalika Singh

Swapnalika Singh

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