3 tips for good writing

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Writing shows you the path.

Writing helps you in connecting you with yourself.

Writing helps in making connections with your readers.

My first thing which i pick up in the morning is my pen,diary and lamp.Without giving pressure to my mind i started doing writing.I don’t think a lot about grammar,sentence making while i do writing in the morning I just write.

Write,Write and just write.

You know why, those are your original thoughts which are residing in your subconscious mind.Subconscious mind is an irrational mind and gives you information from your experience,memories and thinking process.

For your conscious mind you have a whole day and so many tools to collect the information.

So,start writing whatever comes into your mind.In the beginning don’t make yourself very specific as you will get the clarity for your writing gradually.

Writing needs your time,patience and deliberate practice.If you want to write then just write, don’t think about the quality, in fact think about the quantity.

Many of us heard about that saying:

How do you eat an elephant?

Answer is simple,”Eat one bite at a time.”

Here are 3 extremely helpful tips for ensuring that your articles are read and enjoyed.

Tip#1: Give patience to your writing-Writing needs your patience, always take your time to think about your topic and then write.I am not in the hurry to write on the topic which i choose and not in the hurry to publish it. I always give time to think about my topic and to myself also.When the points come into my mind i just collect them into my mind and write them into my diary.After collecting good quantity of words,i just pen them into the sequence and do crafting with my writing.And in the last it will be the publishing time.

Tip#2:Empathy towards your readers-Readers and audience are the most important part of your writing.During writing always keep your readers into your mind,there should be an emotional connection of your readers with your writing.Maintain their interest from the first word to the last word of your article.

Readers want to read something interesting,informative content.They want something precise and clear about what you are giving to your readers.Your words should give calmness to the readers while they read.

Everyone’s time is important in this world so the readers.While giving your writing to this world actually you are taking readers time.So thing from every angle while you do writing.

Tip#3:Humbleness and Positivity-To make your writing attractive and readable ,the story should show humbleness and positivity.

Why do people read?

To get the calmness and positivity in their mind from their daily routine life.If your writing won’t throw humbleness and positivity then why the person will read.

Writing is all about the connection between the writer and reader.So while writing build that connection with your readers and then start doing writing.

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Happy Reading!

Happy Writing!



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Swapnalika Singh

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