12 Steps by Brian Tracy on how to Set and Achieve Any Goal in life.

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“The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible”.Richard M.Devos

Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational speaker and self development author.He changes many people life.He took himself from rags to riches using his own methods.He said Success is Goals.In his book GOALS! he tells about how to get everything you want faster than you ever thought possible.

His twelve steps are:

1.Have a desire:What do you really want? In every book and talk he focussed on self development.What you exactly want to do in life.What gives you happiness while doing work.Your goals should be as clear as a 6 year old child can also understand easily.

Dreams come true when desire transforms into concrete action.”-Napoleon Hills

If you will get clear about your goals then work in that direction.Make a list of goals and try to take out some time to work on your goals.

Your goals can be personal,professional,physical,spiritual.

2. Believe That Your Goal Is Achievable-Now that the goal has been decided,you will work hard to achieve those goals and always believe in your mind that this goal will be achieved.The second step in goal setting is to believe or have a conviction.Affirmations important to your mind and body for achieving the goals.Believe is a catalyst that activates all your mental and physical powers.

Daily give positive thoughts for achieving your goals.Mind is very powerful as give direction to it your body works accordingly.

“You don’t become what you want,you become what you believe.”-Oprah Winfrey

3.Write your goal down-The third step to goal achievement is for you to write it down.As we all know that there is a connection between 3H’s that’s head,heart and hand.If you will write them in your diary,your goals will get fed into your subconscious mind and you will work accordingly.

Writing gives a solid impression to your brain.

Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines.

4.Determine your starting point-The fourth step is for you to analyze your starting point in the attainment of your major goal or goals.Now you have decided your goal, work on the starting point to achieve.Begin with small steps towards your goal.Try to break down your goals into small and then work on them.You will definitely see the results after some time.

I was clear that I wanted to write a book and this is my ultimate goal, for that I have to begin with small steps of writing.So I started to write short articles, I used to write a journal in my diary daily.My mind trying to find out the various ways of writing.

5.Determine why you want it-Yes,you have to be very clear why you make this goal.Clarity towards your goal gives you more propulsion to work towards your goal.So always keep “why” in your heart and mind for your goals.

6.Set a deadline-I am a person who does writing without setting a deadline and this is my weak point which I really wanted to improve.If you will do your work just by setting deadlines you will complete your work on time and you will get more time to do more work.

7.Identify the obstacles in your way-The seventh step in goal setting is for you to determine the obstacles that are standing between you and your goals.Why are you not achieving your goals?What is blocking you?What is holding you back?

8.Determine the additional knowledge and skills-Once you come to know about your goals now you have to gain additional knowledge and skills for that goal.

10.Make a plan.Put it all together -Goal you have decided now make a plan to achieve those goals.Daily you should give some time to achieve them.Planning for them is must.

11.Visualise your goal continually-Visualisation has a great power to achieve anything in life.You come to know about your goals now try to visualise them.Daily you try to visualise them and one day you will achieve them.

12.Never give up-Finally,the twelfth step to goal setting is to back everything you do with persistence and determination. Try to make an attitude of never give up.Work harder and smarter to achieve your goals.Generally with many of us what happens we make the goals and at the first rejection towards the goals 80% will give up.

This type of attitude will never take us to achieve our goals.Start your day just by saying some affirmative sentences to yourself.

“I will work hard to achieve my goals”.

“I will take the rejection in a positive way”.

These are the very ways of Brian Tracy which helps you in determing your goals.

Happy Reading!

Happy Writing!



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